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What Affects my Stopping Distance?

What Affects my Stopping Distance?

Here we have listed some of the top factors that can affect your stopping distance and how you can prevent them from causing a serious accident in the future.


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Choose Express Service for MOT Testing in Norwich, Norfolk.

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At Express Service you'll only pay £35.00 for a MOT test, this fee also includes a free re-test within 10 working days should you need it. Even if we do not carry out the repair work. 

Book a MOT test on-line now with our live, real-time MOT testing booking system. Just select the date and time that suits you on our MOT on-line booking diary. Booking a MOT test couldn't be easier with our 24/7 interactive system. Just click the button above to get started.

With 20 MOTs available daily we normall have a  date and time slot for when you need a MOT test.

If you can't see the slot you'd like simply give us a call on 01603 425055 and we'll see if we can fit you in.

The History Of MOT Testing

The MOT test was first introduced in 1960 under the direction of the Minister of Transport, Mr Ernest Marples. The test was originally a basic test including brakes, lights and steering check which was to be carried out after the vehicle was ten years old and every year there after. This became known as the “ten year Test”, or alternatively the Ministry Of Transport Test.In 1962, the first Commercial Vehicle exam was created and a valid certificate was required in order to receive a tax disc, and in April 1967 the testable age for an MOT was reduced to 3 years. On 1 January 1983 the testable age for ambulances, taxis and vehicles with more than eight passenger seats, excluding the driver's was reduced to one year.

The list of items tested has been continually expanded over the years. Including in 1968 – a Tyre check; 1977 – checks of windscreen wipers and washers, direction indicators, stoplights, horns, exhaust system and condition of the body structure and chassis; 1991 – checks of the emissions test for petrol engine vehicles, together with checks on the anti- lock braking system, rear wheel bearings, rear wheel steering (where appropriate) and rear seat belts; 1992 – a stricter Tyre tread depth requirement for most vehicles; 1994 – a check of emissions for diesel engine vehicles; 2005 – introduction of a computerized administration system for issuing non-secure test certificates. Also rolled out in 2005 was the creation of the 'Automated Test Bay' this differs from traditional testing by adding additional equipment to the bay to negate the use of an assistant during the test; 2012 – checks of secondary restraint systems, battery and wiring, ESC, speedometers and steering locks.

The Legal Bit

It is illegal to drive a non-exempt vehicle that requires a test on public roads without a current MOT, except when driving to or from (subject to insurance terms and conditions) a booked MOT Test. Possession of an up-to-date VT20 test certificate is a pre-requisite for obtaining a vehicles road fund licence, and advertisements for used cars frequently say how many months are left to run on the current MOT (i.e., VT20 certificate; although the VT20 points out that it does not, in any way, guarantee road-worthiness at the time of sale). A vehicle could suffer major damage after an MOT has been carried out, but the certificate would still be valid, and obtaining a new one is not required by law (some insurance companies may require a new test, but this is their practice, not law). However, driving a vehicle which is in a dangerous condition on a public road is always illegal, irrespective of its test status

About The Mileage. 

It is a common misconception that the MOT inspection provides an irrefutable record of a vehicle's mileage. However, although the mileage is recorded during the test, no part of the inspection requires the test station to verify that this is indeed the actual mileage. It is merely recorded, and any tampering of an odometer would not be discovered as part of the MOT inspection.

CALL 01603 425055 to book a MOT Test or use our on-line MOT Testing booking system.

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Here we have listed some of the top factors that can affect your stopping distance and how you can prevent them from causing a serious accident in the future. read more