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New Equipment

With new Delphi diagnostic equipment Express service can now read fault codes.


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Learn to Defrost your Car Correctly in 2017

With the cold weather well and truly sticking around for the time being, many of us are finding our cars continuously iced over in the mornings. It is hugely important to ensure our cars are defrosted in the correct way to avoid difficulties with safety and the law.

The Highway Code states very clearly that all windows and windscreens need to be completely clear of any visionary obstructions. This includes ice, snow and condensation that is prone to forming inside during the colder months. Ice can also cover lights and mirrors on your car, so we’d advise checking them over to ensure they’re clear before you begin your journey.

The best and most effective way to de-ice your car is by using de-icer liquid and an ice scraper. Though de-icer liquid isn’t necessary, it will make the task at hand much easier and less time consuming. Start by spraying it onto your windows starting from the top, where it will begin to make its way down the screen and melt the ice. The ice or frost will come off seamlessly using an ice scraper and the two work well together as all ice or frost is removed.

If you are planning to use only an ice scraper, use long, heavy strokes starting from the top of the windows to the bottom. Never scrape off ice from the driver’s side only, as this can be extremely dangerous when driving and is against the law. If the cold weather has resulted in your windscreen wipes becoming frozen, ensure you do not use force to remove them and instead remove any big chunks of ice you can see. Warm, but not hot, water can help to defrost your windscreen wipes, or you can use de-icer liquid once more.

Never be tempted to pour boiling water onto a vehicle in order to melt ice, frost or snow. The boiling water can react badly with the cold glass, causing it to break or crack.

Many people opt to turn their car on in order to warm up the engine and help melt ice. If you choose to try this method, it’s vital you do not leave your car unattended. Even if your car is parked directly outside your home, you must not go back into your house as it is against the law to do so. Your car could also be stolen as the keys will be left in the ignition and the doors unlocked. Though warming up your car’s engine is popular and successful in terms of melting ice, it is also a slow way of doing so.

If you’d like some extra advice on what tools you can use to melt or de-ice your vehicle, you can get in touch with a member of the Express Service team by visiting our contact page or by giving us a call on 01603 425055 .

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Published: 06/03/2017

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