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What Affects my Stopping Distance?

What Affects my Stopping Distance?

Here we have listed some of the top factors that can affect your stopping distance and how you can prevent them from causing a serious accident in the future.


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What Type of Driver Are You? Find Out in Our Quiz

Complete our driving quiz to discover what kind of driver you are!

A driver is honking and trying to overtake you. What do you do?

a.       You don’t notice them pass or realise that they are honking at you, you’re busy chatting to whoever is in the car with you

b.      This would never happen to you! In fact, you’d be the car overtaking the slow cars!

c.       You’re a little frustrated at them misusing the horn, but you give them space to overtake you

d.      You’re annoyed, so you start cursing at them as they drive past


It’s night – you’re on the motorway, and you can’t see any other drivers around. What do you do?

a.       You enjoy the open road and drive at your own pace, the way you always do

b.      You take advantage of the open road and race to your destination like you’re in Formula 1

c.       You stick to the speed limit; as you could come across another driver at any moment

d.      You’re grateful that there aren’t any other idiot drivers on the road to get in your way


You see an elderly couple up ahead about to cross the road – how do you respond?

a.       I didn’t notice any pedestrians – I was too busy singing along to the radio

b.      I speed up before they have a chance to step onto the road; I don’t have time to wait

c.       Slow down as a way of showing them they can cross the road. If I don’t let them go now, they might have to wait a long time

d.      Let them cross then complain about how long it takes them to get to the other side


You’re at a red light. A cyclist is weaving their way through traffic and they stop in front of your car. How do you react?

a.       You’re surprised – you didn’t notice them working their way through the traffic

b.      You prepare to overtake them once you get the chance

c.       You keep a reasonable distance between you and cyclist; you don’t want to get too close and cause an accident

d.      You grumble about how irritating cyclists can be, and you’re ready to honk if you need to

It’s a sunny day, so you and your friends are driving to the beach. What’s your mood?

a.       You’re relaxed; you’re enjoying the weather, the windows are down and the music is blaring!

b.      You’re excited about the day out so you drive as fast as you can

c.       You’re happy to see your friends but try not to chat too much so that you can concentrate on the road

d.      You’re enjoying the company, but your mood could quickly change if any of the other drivers do something stupid



Mostly As: You’re a Daydreamer

You’re only half focused on the road because there are so many other things to think about than driving. When you’re not deep in thought, you’re enjoying your music or you’re on the phone. Next time you’re on the road, try to pay more attention to the road – you don’t want to get into a sticky situation just because you were distracted.


Mostly Bs: You’re a Boy/Girl Racer

You love getting from A to B as fast as you possibly can and nothing is going to get in your way. If someone’s going to drive slowly then you’re going to overtake them – it’s that simple. We understand how frustrating slow drivers are but don’t let your need for speed swerve out of control, or your car might end up doing the same.


Mostly Cs: You’re a Responsible Driver

You understand the road and how you’re meant to behave. All the information you took in as a learner driver has stuck with you. The road needs drivers like you – keep doing what you’re doing!


Mostly Ds: You’re a Road-Rager

You don’t have any patience for ‘stupid’ drivers. If another driver isn’t doing what they should, you’ve got plenty to say. We understand other drivers can drive you round the bend, but when you’re on the road you need a cool head. Try taking a few deep breaths next time you encounter a frustrating situation on the road.

So, how did you do? Share your result on our Facebook page , if you dare! 

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Published: 25/07/2016

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What Affects my Stopping Distance?

Here we have listed some of the top factors that can affect your stopping distance and how you can prevent them from causing a serious accident in the future. read more