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New Equipment

With new Delphi diagnostic equipment Express service can now read fault codes.


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Driving Your Car Abroad? Advice Before You Hit the Road

When you’re taking your car abroad, you want to be fully prepared for the road ahead. We suggest servicing your vehicle, knowing the rules of the road and making sure you have the right documentation with you at all times. 

Documents Needed for Driving Abroad

You need to make sure you have the necessary documentation for the country you are planning on visiting. In the EU, European Economic Areas or Switzerland, you are permitted to drive providing you have a Great British or Northern Ireland license. It’s unlikely that you’ll be venturing outside of Europe in your own vehicle, but if you are, make sure you acquire an International Driving Permit from the Post Office. 

Before you set off on your international driving adventure, double check that you have the following documents with you:

Driving licence 

Copy of your DVLA driving record and licence check code

International Permit (where necessary)

The vehicle’s original licence registration document

Motor insurance certificate 

Travel insurance document


Visa (where necessary) 

To avoid the risk of being fined while on your holiday, keep these documents somewhere safe and organised in your vehicle, so that you know exactly where it is if you’re asked for it.

Breakdown cover

Does your current breakdown cover include driving abroad? It’s best to check before hitting the road. If not, ring your current provider and ask about the options for the country or countries you will be driving in.  


It’s in your best interest to secure travel insurance so that you are covered for any unforeseen emergencies on your trip. Take the time to search for insurance rates and choose one that’s best for your trip.

As well as this, don’t forget your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) so you and those with you can receive free or reduced emergency care.


Familiarise yourself with the rules of the road in the country you’re visiting. You don’t want to get confused when you hit the road, so it’s best to prepare in advance. The AA website offers loads of information to get you up to speed with driving laws in other countries. 


To ensure your vehicle is in perfect shape when you take off for your trip, it’s wise to get a full service. That way, experts can check over areas of the car you might not have thought of and eliminate any issues that might be present. It’ll save a lot of time and resources than having a mechanic look at your car while abroad after a major issue has occurred. 

Express Service is just the place to get your car fully serviced and ready for your trip. We pay great attention to each vehicle in our care, so all our customers leave happy and ready to hit the road, whether it’s here or abroad.

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Published: 22/06/2016

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With new Delphi diagnostic equipment Express service can now read fault codes. read more