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New Equipment

With new Delphi diagnostic equipment Express service can now read fault codes.


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The Cost of Not Servicing Your Car

Some people believe that servicing a vehicle every year or six months is an unnecessary expense.

While it may seem tempting to skip a service to save a bit of cash, we wanted to highlight the long-term cost of not servicing your car.

What does a service include?

In order to appreciate the value of servicing your car, it’s important to know what it entails.

Oil and filter change

This is actually one of the most significant parts of servicing a car. This process ensures you can trust your car to run on the road, and it also makes sure your car is efficient at managing its fuel.  Garages will address any serious issues they find on visual inspection.

If you don’t get this check:

·         If the oil is left for too long it can coagulate and starve the engine of the lubrication it requires

·         You could be running your car on poor fuel economy, which is expensive

·         You’d miss out on a visual inspection from an expert who understands how your car should be, just by looking at it.

Small service

A small service builds on the oil and filter change which means you get the aforementioned and your key fluids topped up in the engine bay. This includes washer fluid, brake fluid, anti-freeze and steering fluid. Following this, 35 key components of the car are checked over.

If you don’t get this check:

·         Imagine all the details that would go neglected without a car servicing? Taking your vehicle to an expert means that nothing gets missed, going much further than a quick check you might carry out at home.

Full service

The full service offers additional checks on top of the basic service. Some of these checks can overlap with an MOT, so it’s even worthwhile getting them done at the same time as it can save you time.

If you don’t get this check:

·         Elements of your car wouldn't get the precise look over that it deserves. There’s a lot that can be picked up on a full check that you might not have realised was an issue.


How often should a car be serviced?

The model of the car dictates when it gets serviced – you can find this information in your owner’s manual.

Missing out on a check will leave your car vulnerable – any issues with your car could end up being ignored and then reappear later on down the line. That in itself will cost you far more than a standard service.

At Express Service, our experts will provide your car with the utmost care and attention. Take a look at our great servicing quotes and the extras we offer on our website, or give us a call to find out more.


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Published: 08/06/2016

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