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New Equipment

With new Delphi diagnostic equipment Express service can now read fault codes.


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5 Tips for Looking After Your Car this Autumn

The nights are drawing in, the leaves are starting to crunch underfoot, and the weather is becoming even more unpredictable than usual. These are all sure signs that it’s autumn. As the chillier season sets in, you might swap to your winter duvet or think about turning on the heating.  Don’t forget that your car might need some extra care too!

Here’s how to look after your car this autumn: 

1. Change your wiper blades

This tip will not apply to everyone – if you changed your wiper blades over the summer you’ll probably be okay. However, if you can’t remember when you last changed your wiper blades, now is the ideal time to replace them. A clean windscreen is vital in the autumn, as the earlier sunset can cause unwanted glare as you drive. 

2. Keep your windscreen clean

When it comes to windscreen cleanliness, your wiper blades will only go so far. Did you know that dirt can build up inside the windscreen as well? It’s not always noticeable, but when the setting sun is shining onto your windscreen, excess dirt makes it difficult to see where you are going. Keep a microfiber cloth in your glove box so that you can wipe your windscreen just before a journey, and for very dirty screens, use some streak free window cleaner like you would on your windows at home. 

3. Check your tyres

The autumn and winter months are tough on tyres. Instead of waiting for a puncture or MOT failure before replacing your tyres, the safer option is to check their condition before you encounter a problem. Wait until your tyres are cold before checking them, and turn your steering wheel so that your front tyres are pointing at an angle (this makes them easier to examine). Check the tread depth and general condition, and if you are in any doubt, give us a call for advice.

4. Be aware of different road conditions

Looking after your car in autumn goes beyond a few maintenance tips; we believe that the way you drive has a huge effect on the condition of your vehicle. From fallen leaves to frosty mornings, watch out for changing conditions on the roads as the summer slips away. It can be so easy to go into “autopilot” when driving on roads that we are familiar with, but by making a conscious effort to assess your surroundings, you’ll protect the condition of your tyres and could even avoid an accident. 

5. Take your car for a service

We think the best way to look after your car is to take it for regular services, and the colder months are a sensible time to get this done. The benefit of having your service in autumn is that you can drive throughout the winter knowing that your car was recently checked by a professional. This does not mean you should stop carrying out the usual checks on your car as normal, but a service just gives you that added security. If you would like to book your car in for a service with us here at Express Service, please get in touch with our friendly team. 

Is your car ready to take on autumn? If you have any more questions, we’d be happy to help!

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Published: 23/09/2016

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